Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Taichi in Olympic Opening Ceremony !

08.08.08, a day which everyone has been waiting for so long. And finally the biggest sports event - Olympic has been held in Beijing this year. During 8pm of 08.08.08, the opening of Olympic this year has been officially launched. Surprisingly, China has introduced lots of chinese cultures through this Olympic Opening Ceremony and one of our favourite performances is Taichi performance can be watched!


The photos below are the Taichi Art performance in the National Stadium, known as "Bird's Nest" in north Beijing, China.


The grand formation of 2008 performers, performing the Taichi

(top view)


Side View

Can't imagine how do they practice >.<

Sunday, August 3, 2008

多媒体大学赛城武术学会预告片 Wushu Club First Trailer~

This is the first trailer of MMU Cyberjaya Wushu Club~ Hope you guys enjoy it =)

这是多媒体大学赛城武术学会第一个预告片。非常感谢武术学会副主席郑智培(Mr Tee)为我们多媒体武术学会制作此片。^__^