Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New year New Start - 1st Club Member Recruitment Drive

Fascinated by martial arts film by Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan and Jet Li and want to know more about it?
Interested to learn self-defence? Or do you want to sweat it out in a fun way for healthy body and mind?

Well now here's your chance, join us MMU Wushu Club Cyberjaya! We offer both Shaolin & Tai Chi classes, suitable for anyone, guys & girls, young and old. Don't worry if you don't have any prior experience, we'll teach you from scratch! Details of training sessions are as below:

Shaolin Training
Day: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 8.00pm – 10.30pm
Venue: FIT Atrium (FIT ground floor)
Attire: Wushu Attire/ Sports Attire

Taichi Training
Day: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Time: 8.00pm – 10.30pm
Venue: FIT Atrium (FIT ground floor)
Attire: Wushu Attire/ Sports Attire

How to REGISTER? Just follow some simple steps as below:
1) Get a copy of Online Registration Form from OR visit the MMU Online Bulletin Board
2) Download the Online Registration Form
3) Fill up your personal information
4) Email the registration form to: or

*We will be opening registration booth as well on Week 2 at Library Foyer. Our Wushu Introduction Training will start on Week 2 onwards.

For further enquiries regarding trainings and our club, please contact our committees:

Tee Tze Phei

Ooi Su Khi

Hope to see you there!

For Wushu We Gather~

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom

It's holiday! And let's review one movie which will be released on June 3rd 2011 - KUNG FU PANDA 2: THE KABOOM OF DOOM !

The sequel will follow Po, “the world’s biggest kung fu fan, as he continues his journey as the chosen one who fulfills an ancient prophecy while mastering the art of kung fu.” Jack Black
and Angelina Jolie have both signed on to return, with “other original cast members” to be announced.

Screenwriters/producers Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger are also back for part 2.

不知不觉功夫熊猫这套动画片已经一年多了,梦工厂宣布《功夫熊猫2》( KUNG FU PANDA 2: THE KABOOM OF DOOM !)将于2011年6月3日上映,除了普通影院外该片也将在全球IMAX院线上映,并且和梦工厂今后的其他动画片一样,影片将制作成戴眼镜观看的3D立体电影。在续集中熊猫阿宝(Po)会继续他的功夫征程,曾参与了第一集制作的Jennifer Yuh Nelson将担任导演,杰克·布莱克(Jack Black)、安吉丽娜·朱莉(Angelina Jolie)等原班配音人马也将再度献声。本集导演将大换血,改用女将Jenifer Yuh Nelson指导,此人曾长期在梦工厂动画部的故事部门工作,这是她第一次担任导演。

Friday, June 5, 2009

MMU Awards 2009

Congratulations! After years of effort, today MMU Cyberjaya Wushu Club has finally won the award of being the "Best Sports / Martial Art Based Club" during this MMU Awards 2009. We hope that this great achievement will lead our club to a better future. Good job everyone !



MMU Cyber Wushu Club Facebook Group

Yes, it is here now! Anyone who has Facebook account and yet is Wushu Club member, please feel free to join in the group.

It is a place where all meet together, to foster good relationship among the members of the club, new and existing alike, including Alumni. Hope to see everyone making good use of this communication tool ~ Enjoy ! =)


想要和我们交流?毕业了可是还想继续和武术学会的会员联络?那么马上加入我们吧!!不是facebook的会员请马上申请facebook,是facebook的会员请马上加入我们武术学会的facebook group吧!!一个让我们更亲近,一个让我们不失去联络,一个让我们怀念的地方---》facebook group ^~^