Monday, September 15, 2008

CCIP 08 - Cross Cultural Integration Programme

CCIP - also known as Cross Cultural Integration Programme, is one of the biggest events held in MMU every year. A programme which enlighten every student in MMU about the different cultures in Malaysia and even other countries.

And of course, Wushu club had been invited to perform a Wushu drama under the Chinese division, directed by Jay Chong, during the Cultural Night.

CCIP 是跨文化交际的简称,是MMU每年都会举办也是最大型的活动。这个活动是为了让MMU学生更了解马来西亚不同种族以及其他国家的文化。在这次的活动,我们武术学会被邀请为中华文化表演戏剧以及武术,戏剧指导者是武术学会的主席-Jay,武术编导者是胡老师。

Main Entrance to the show

Grand Hall


All actors and actresses for CCIP Drama


Recall: Club Orientation Night

Can you still remember the Wushu 3 in 1 event? Ohyea, club orientation night was one of them and it was held during 10th of July 2008 (1st Trimester) at FIT Atrium. A simple event, but meaningful to all of the wushu club members. It was always a suitable time to foster good relationship among the members, new and existing alike, including the alumni who present during that night.


Shaolin Training

Taichi Training

Games Time


Instructors and VIPs from Huo Yuan Jia Wushu Academy