Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wushu Integration Camp 2010/2011 !!! Finally!!

WIC HICOM 2010/11 !! Really Great Job GUYS ! !

Before Depart, all of us gather at " traditional place" MMU STAD
building .

Go by MMU BUS.

A lot of things ya :P

Arrival to the destination.


OH NO! Monkey steal our nasi kotak !

WIC T-Shirt !! A very nice design~

Camp Site.

Our Tent!!

Inside the Tent , wao!! so big..

" Over Over, can u hear me "


Ting Fung : Red Card, you out ..
Chin Hou : ...

Foo Moon, you look so serious... xD

Makan Ula..

Our dear Master Woo and his wife Mrs.Woo.

Our Nasi Kotak!!

Yeah!~ Lunch~~ So delicious~

Makan ar ! so Hungry..

~. GOOD NITE Dear~

Study ? @@

Group meeting ?? What is the plan ?

A lovely couple ~~

Master Woo Giving Speech section.

Warm Up with jumping style.

Self Defense !

Morning warm up section!! Huge !!

Stretching~~Bigger !! Lower!!

Self Defense training Guide by Master Woo. It is really exciting.

Wao~ Gread Sword Performance !!

Power Ranger !!!

Nice and funny members~ :)

Did everyone Look tired ? NO!!

Trowing section :p.

All Kind of Wushu Post !!

Group Photo with Our Dear Master Woo~ yeah~

Happy Ending ~~

MMU Green Scouting Wushu Performance 27/3/2011 !!

All the Performers Final POST !! GREAT JOB ALL !! A Nice

Chee Siong : What so funny ?

In front of Grand hall. Green Scouting Booth .

Our Performance Area.


I forget movement... Let me think...

In front of the Grand Hall..

Flag Performance ~!