Monday, March 30, 2009

Citrawarna Malaysia Performance

Citrawarna Malaysia - A national grand event held during the 21st of March 2009 involves various types of performances on that night. It is so fortunate that MMU Wushu Club has been invited under HYJ Wushu Academy to perform a Wushu performance (represents the Chinese Culture Group) together with dancers from Dua Space.

After days and hours of rehearsals, this performance was finally successfully carried out. Thanks to all...

Citrawarna Malaysia -马来西亚一项庞大的节目(Color Of Malaysia)在三月二十一号举行。这项节目是不同种族表演他们自己的文化,让其他种族更了解马来西亚种族的文化。非常幸运的,我们老师的学院(马来西亚霍元甲武术学院)受邀请和Dua Space、MPPJ 以及中华身心创意团代表华人一起合作演出华人的文化。


Friday, March 27, 2009

JCS Culture Night 2009

JCS, the abbreviation for Japanese Culture Society, had invited Wushu Club to perform a special kind of performance which involved about human art instead of pure Wushu performance.


Rise of the lycans?
So cool!

Our performance is for opening ceremony purpose~